Allyanz Electronics- Semiconductors, Integrated Modules, Displays - Australia, NZ and South East Asia. Design & Applications Engineering Support.
Authorised factory Representative Fortasa Memory, Gaia Converter, IEE Inc., Innovasic, ISSI, Lattice Semi, Logic Devices, Micrel Inc., Summit Micro, TLSI, Wakefield, WIMA

About Allyanz Pty Ltd

Allyanz is a specialist supplier of electronic components & display solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

We are headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

Allyanz is partnered with a select, complimentary group of industry leading manufacturers of semiconductor, passive components and display solutions.
As the authorized Manufacturers Representative & Distributor in New Zealand & Australia for our supplier partners, Allyanz strives to ensure our customers get the support they need to design with the most suitable electronic component solution from our Line Card, regardless of where our customers decide to manufacture their products.

Our line card is designed to meet the requirements of our customers and developing markets in Australia & New Zealand.     

Allyanz General Manager, Daud Ally, brings to the company the benefit of twenty years experience, having worked in the electronics industries serving OEM, ODM & EMS customers in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Please contact us today to discuss how best we can support your design's electronic component  & display requirements.
Semiconductors, Passive Components & Integrated Display solutions for applications that demand high reliability.

Allyanz Supplier Partners

Aydin Displays
EM Microelectronics
Fortasa Memory Systems
Gaia Converter
IEE Inc.
Innovasic Semiconductor
Lattice Semiconductor Corp.
LOGIC Devices
Summit Microelectronics