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Swissbit Presents Industrial eMMC EM-30

Swissbit industrial grade 3D NAND e-MMC 5.1 bga

Reliable Boot Medium for Embedded Applications

Swissbit, a leading manufacturer of flash memory solutions, presents its latest technology for demanding industrial, medical & automotive markets: eMMC memory, EM-30.

eMMC combines an industrial controller with reliable 3D TLC (NAND) flash in a BGA153 package making it possible to solder the memory directly onto the PCB of the target application. With capacities ranging from 16 GB to 256 GB, the devices are ideally suited to Automotive, Industrial, Medical, POS/POI & Communications embedded applications .

EM-30 replaces commonly used NAND memory chips, which depend on elaborate operating system resources. Thanks to its integrated controller, flash management functionality and standardized interface, EM-30 can be easily designed-in to applications and offers multiple key benefits.

Industrial temperature range

EM-30 eMMC devices are based on JEDEC 5.1 – the de facto standard for industrial eMMCs.

They are available with capacities of 16, 32, 64, 128 & 256 GB and offer the most advanced firmware features such as:

  • page-based flash management,
  • wear levelling,
  • read disturb management,
  • data care management,
  • secure data erasure.

Swissbit em128gb emmc

The Replay Protected Memory Block (RPMB), a one-time writable partition, makes key-storage for Trusted Execution Environments possible. With data-refresh-functionalities and an industrial operating temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C, the data carrier is designed for long-term operation under harsh conditions.

Swissbit’s EM-30 eMMC offers high performance with up to 300 MB/s for reading and 230 MB/s for writing.

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Swissbit iShield Camera MicroSD Card Encryption & Access Protection

Swissbit Ishield Camera Encryption & Protection

New microSD card enables encryption and access protection of video and image data for numerous applications

Swissbit is expanding its range of hardware-based security solutions with the launch of iShield Camera.

The new unique microSD product series has been specially developed for the encryption and access protection of video data and image capture. It is host-agnostic and can therefore be used with a wide range of camera types and functions.

Thanks to its plug-&-play features, iShield Camera can be easily integrated into existing systems. This allows manufacturers and users of drones, body cameras or dashcams to add an additional security feature to their models, specifically to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive camera data or to ensuring compliance with legal requirements. In addition to AES 256-bit encryption and user authentication via PIN, iShield Camera features full HD video support and industrial-grade temperature resistance.

Key Features include:

  • 16GB & 32GB capacities
  • Encryption: AES 256 bit
  • User authentication: configurable PIN
  • High performance for full HD video support (UHS-I, speed class 10)
  • Lifetime: 3.000 overwrite cycles for video recording (85 TBW @32GB)
  • Data retention (with non-powered storage): 10 years
  • Industrial Temp (-40…85°C)
  • FAT32 formatted
“With iShield Camera, we offer a simple and retrofittable security solution that is compatible with common video and image recording devices and requires no installation effort due to its plug-&-play functionality,” explains Christian Ullrich, Senior Product Manager Embedded IoT Solutions at Swissbit. “Manufacturers or system integrators can therefore cost-effectively equip their cameras with an extra layer of security, delivering sustainable benefits to professional end users such as insurance companies, civil authorities or security bodies.”

Robust, durable and powerful

iShield Camera is available in 16GB and 32GB capacities and is UHS-I Class 10 rated for full HD video recordings. iShield Camera also uses high-quality components to provide durability and robustness. The microSD cards are MLC-based and specified for an industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

The iCCT software can be downloaded from free of charge.

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Swissbit introduces USB 3.1 sticks

Swissbit is pleased to introduce a new range of USB 3.1 flash drives. The new USB sticks fulfill the tough requirements of flash memory for industrial use.

Mobile, designed for industrial use and secure.

Swiss U500K USB Stick


The series is based on a highly sophisticated USB 3.1 flash controller and comprises the product range U-500k with a highly reliable SLC-NAND and U-50k with MLC-NAND. Furthermore, a version with MLC-NAND in pSLC configuration is offered under the name U-56k.

The benefit: an endurance seven times longer than that of a MLC-NAND with the same memory density.

Swissbit plans to have the following densities available by the third quarter of 2018:

– SLC versions, 2GB to 32 GB,

– MLC version, 16GB to 128 GB

– pSLC version, 8GB to 64 GB

Particularly important considering the new stricter data protection provisions: all USB 3.1 sticks are also offered in versions with integrated data protection features.

USB flash drives are often used to transport data between different locations or as exchangeable memory expansion in industrial applications such as log data storage, data backup, system upgrade or as license token. Now Swissbit offers new USB stick ranges that fulfill the same requirements for professional applications as other industrial storage solutions yet are extremely easy to use and universally applicable.

Firmware for smart memory chip usage

In combination with the SuperSpeed USB 3.1 interface, U-500k, U-50k and U 56k offer outstanding data rates for the sequential writing of data. As the firmware works with page-based mapping, the random-write IOPS performance increases, while wear decreases significantly. This in turn makes USB sticks the perfect solution for data logging applications. Smart firmware routines recognize weak data segments and update them before any data loss occurs. This is particularly important when used as boot medium or for long-term data storage.

Security and data protection

Swissbit will offer special variants of these USB sticks for confidential or license-relevant content under the names PU-500k, PU-50k and PU-56k. Configurable security options allow for data encryption and access restrictions with PIN protection including repeat counter and hidden or read-only partitions. The data protection option “DP” prevents data from being spied upon in case of loss or theft of a flash drive. Furthermore, the secured USB stick can also be employed as copy-protected license tokens.

Proven enclosure

For this new USB 3.1 product range, Swissbit AG once again has opted for their proven flash drive casing “unitedCONTRAST II”, already used for the very popular USB 2.0 sticks.

All new USB sticks are also available in custom design options.

Additionally, Swissbit plans to also add a “Nano” form factor to this range – a robust flash drive in an enclosed tamper-proof metal casing.

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