The MGDS-500 Series features a full range of high density, wide input range DC/DC power modules designed for aerospace, military and high-end industrial applications.

High Reliability 500W DC/DC Power Modules from GaiaWith 500W output power, the MGDM-500 Series is particularly suitable for ultra compact power supply design.

Standard power modules are available with wide input voltage ranges of 9-36Vdc and 16-80Vdc, and provide output voltages of 12, 15, 24, 28, and 48VDC.

The MGDM Series utilizes a patented fixed switching topology, providing broad input range, low noise characteristics and high power density.

Synchronization function allows more than one converter to operate with an external source frequency.

All power modules incorporate LC network filters to minimize reflected input current ripple and output voltage ripple.

The modules have totally independent functions including input under voltage lock-out, output overvoltage protection, output current limitation protection, and temperature protection.

Additionally, a soft-start function allows current limitation and eliminates inrush current during start-up.

Key Features include:

  • Standard half brick package
  • Single output
  • Operating efficiencies up to 91%
  • Soft start
  • No load to full load operation
  • No optocoupler for high reliability
  • Nominal power up to 500W
  • Galvanic isolation 1500 VDC
  • Switching frequency 300 KHz
  • Protections : Input undervoltage lockout, Output current limitation, Output overvoltage, Over temperature
  • Trim adjustment : 90% to 110%
  • External synchronization range : 270 to 330 KHz
  • On/Off, Sense functions

For more details or if you would like samples for your design, please contact Allyanz.