ISSI has begun production of its new 4Gb (x16) and 8Gb (x32) LPDDR4/4X DRAM.

Both density DRAM are supported with Industrial (4Gb IS43LQ16256B, 8Gb IS43LQ32256B) & Automotive (4Gb IS46LQ16256B), 8Gb IS46LQ32256B) grades.

Data rate options supported include 3733Mbps (-053) & 3200Mbps (-062).

LPDDR4X is also an available ordering option, such as IS43LQ16256BL-062BLI.

Supported in 200-ball BGA package, which is 10mm x 14mm, & 1.1mm thickness.

This adds to ISSI’s extensive offering of LPDDR4/4X DRAM in 2Gb, 4Gb, and 8Gb densities.

Please contact Allyanz for more details, or if you need samples for your design.