ISSI sampling 512Mb SPI NOR Flash for Automotive & Industrial Markets

Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc., ISSI, an industry leader in advanced memory and analog solutions, is now sampling production units of automotive grade 512Mb Serial (SPI) NOR Flash.

ISSI’s SPI NOR Flash product supports a wide operating temperature range of -40C to 125C, making them ideal for next generation automotive, industrial and Internet of Things, IoT applications.

This 512Mb SPI NOR flash exceeds AEC- Q100 requirements and is PPAP ready.

This extends our range of SPI NOR support from 256Kb all the way up to 512Mb density.

The 512Mb SPI NOR flash is available in multiple package choices, including 16-pin SOIC 300mil, WSON 8×6 mm, and the 24-ball TFBGA 6x8mm 5×5 package, in addition to the KGD (Known Good Die) option.

ISSI sampling 512Mb SPI NOR Flash for Automotive & Industrial Markets - Data Table

ISSI is also working on Multi-Chip Package (MCP) options of SPI NOR Flash and its’ DRAM product line.

In addition to SPI NOR flash, ISSI offers a strong portfolio of DRAMs including SDR, DDR2, DDR3 and mobile SDR, LPDDR, LPDDR2; a complete line-up of both asynchronous and synchronous SRAMs with densities from 64Kb to 72Mb; and a broad portfolio of SPI NAND and parallel NAND Flash, including eMMC.

ISSI also has a range of Known Good Die (KGD) memories in its portfolio.

Please contact Allyanz today for further details, and samples for ISSI’s range of SPI NOR Flash.