ISSI Now Offering UFS 2.1/2.2 – Universal Flash Storage

LVDS Serial Interface

UFS is an advanced storage interface ideal for applications requiring high-performance and low power consumption. UFS improves read and write performance of flash memory in two ways. First, & unlike eMMC, there are dedicated channels for reading and writing data allowing for simultaneous read/write data flow.

The second advantage with UFS storage is Command Queuing – the efficient grouping and reordering of read or write commands, to maximise performance throughput.

ISSI’s UFS product family provides the ideal embedded storage solution for the Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Networking, and Consumer applications, which require high performance, endurance, and low power across a wide range of operating temperatures, with long-term support.

These products are available in Industrial as well as Automotive grade.

ISSI’s UFS integrates NAND flash memory and an intelligent UFS controller in a single small form factor BGA package. The controller implements all the algorithms for reliable NAND flash management in addition to all the UFS functionality and advanced features.

ISSI’s UFS products are optimised for efficient throughput, system performance and reliability, delivering superior sequential and random read/write performance, while offering near zero idle power consumption.

ISSI is currently sampling 64 GB, 128 GB & 256 GB devices, supporting UFS 2.1, and UFS 2.2 (uses 1.8V IO Voltage)

ISSIUFS data table

Support for UFS 3.1 (uses 1.2V IO Voltage) devices will follow.

To learn more or if you would like samples for your design, please contact Allyanz.