ISSI EMMC Memory and Long Term Support

Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc., ISSI, an industry leader in advanced memory and analog solutions, supports a complete range of eMMC Flash devices.

ISSI Industrial and Automotive Applications

Ranging in size currently from 4GB to 128GB, ISSI eMMC devices provide the ideal embedded storage solution for the Automotive, Industrial and Medical applications, which require high performance endurance across a wide range of operating temperatures, with long-term support.

These devices are available in Industrial as well as Automotive grade in both 100-ball BGA and 153- ball BGA.

ISSI EMMC Parts Numbers And Specifications

ISSI eMMC devices integrates MLC NAND Flash memory and an intelligent e.MMC controller inside a JEDEC standard package, providing a standard, easy to design with interface to the host. The controller directly manages the NAND flash, implementing functions like bad block management, error handling (ECC), static and dynamic wear-levelling, IOPS optimization and read sensing.

ISSI EMMC Controller to Host Processor and NAND Flash

ISSI eMMC devices support Enhanced Mode where the device can be configured as pseudo-SLC (pSLC) for higher read/ write performance, endurance and reliability.

Please contact Allyanz today for further details, and samples for ISSI’s range of eMMC Flash.