ISSI, a leader in advanced memory solutions, has added the 1 Gigabit density to their family of DDR2 SDRAMs. The first device at this new density is the IS43DR16640A which is organized as 64Mx16 and packaged in an 84-ball BGA. This on-going expansion of the DDR2 SDRAM product family adds to ISSI’s already extensive offering of DRAM devices.

ISSI 400MHz - 72 MB Synchronous SRAM

This new device is available with clock speeds up to 533MHz (DDR2-1066), providing a data transfer rate of 4 gigabytes/sec in 32 bit systems. In addition to this new 1Gb device, ISSI also offers 512Mb and 256Mb DDR2 devices, with all three densities available in commercial, industrial and automotive grades. The 256Mb density includes 8Mx32 and 16Mx16 organizations and for the 512Mb density 32Mx16 and 64Mx8 organizations are available. ISSI plans to release x8 bit wide configurations of the 256Mb, and 1Gb devices later in 2010. The DDR2 DRAM product family from ISSI operates from a single 1.8V supply voltage.

For more details on the 1Gb DDR2 SDRAM, or other SRAM or DRAM devices from ISSI, please contact us.

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