Targeted for Automotive, Communications, Medical, and Industrial Applications

Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. (Nasdaq:ISSI), a leader in advanced memory solutions, is now supporting volume production units of its new 2 Gigabit (2Gb) DDR2 device, the newest addition to ISSI’s family of DDR2 SDRAMs.

The first device is the IS43DR16128, which is organized as 128Mx16 and packaged in an 84-ball BGA. This on-going expansion of the DDR2 SDRAM product family adds to ISSI’s extensive offering of DRAM.

By using advanced technology, ISSI is able to provide the long-term product support required by long lifecycle applications in automotive, communications, medical, and industrial designs.

The new device is available with clock speeds up to 333MHz (DDR2-667).

In addition to this 2Gb DDR2 DRAM, ISSI also offers 1Gb, 512Mb and 256Mb DDR2 devices in commercial, industrial, and automotive temperature grades.

The 256Mb density includes x32, x16, and x8 organizations, while the 512Mb and 1Gb densities include x16 and x8 organizations. The DDR2 DRAM product family operates from a single supply voltage of 1.8V.

“Our automotive customers are excited by our expanding portfolio of high-density DRAMs and our long-term commitment. Customers have begun to qualify the new 2Gb DDR2 device in vehicle infotainment systems, where the integration of new features is driving memory demand,” said Lyn Zastrow, vice president of the Automotive Business Unit at ISSI.

“The mobile data explosion is driving memory density requirements in mobile infrastructure products, such as base stations. Additionally these applications have long-life requirements, so long-term support of 2Gb DDR2 products is key for our customers in that space,” said Pat Lasserre, director of the Communications Business Unit at ISSI. Key applications in communications include access and aggregation nodes, routers and switches, network storage, optical transport, and base stations. Other applications include medical instrumentation, energy meters, and security systems.

In addition to SDR, mobile SDR/DDR, DDR, and DDR2 SDRAMs, ISSI also offers a complete line of both asynchronous and synchronous SRAM with densities from 64Kb to 72Mb. ISSI also has a range of SPI (NOR) Flash, and Known Good Die (KGD) memories in its portfolio.

For more details on ISSI’s range of DDR2 DRAM, including datasheets, samples or pricing, please contact Allyanz.

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