Lattice Power 2 You! Webinar Series –
Australia / New Zealand – September 8, 2010


The Power 2 You! webinar helps you understand key design criteria for the power management functions shown in the below figure. In addition, the webinar will show you how to integrate them into a Power Manager II device. The resulting solution can be used across a wide range of applications and can be individually customized using Lattice’s PAC-Designer (R) software.

Attend this FREE Lattice Semiconductor seminar and you will walk away with in-depth technical knowledge of Lattice’s Power Manager Solutions.

All attendees receive a free copy of the Power 2 You! reference manual.

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Learn How to Design

  • Hot swap controllers
  • Supply OR’ing controllers using MOSFETs
  • Power feed through MOSFETs
  • Power supply sequencing with and without MOSFETs
  • Reliable monitoring voltages for fault and reset generation
  • Trimming and margining of board-mounted supplies

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