Lattice Video Interface Platform GigE/USB 3.0

Lattice Extends Video Interface Platform to GigE USB 3.0
Need to quickly build embedded vision prototypes with Ethernet connectors running at Gigabit speeds?

Lattice’s latest I/O board for the Video Interface Platform (VIP) does just that. The new I/O board is the latest addition to Lattice’s highly modular platform.

By replacing cumbersome manual wiring with a unified connector, designers can quickly build plug-and-play solutions.

The new GigE/USB 3.0 I/O board allows developers to quickly and easily add network connectivity options to Lattice’s award-winning Embedded Vision Development Kit.

Lattice Video Interface Platform GigE USB 3.0

The kit combines a CrossLink mobile bridging input board, an optimised ECP5 image signal processing board, and high res HDMI VIP Input and Output boards into a ready-to-use platform.

The VIP platform also offers IP from 3rd party partners including commercial grade image signal processing and networking stacks, Helion Vision’s GigE Vision, multiple sensor board inputs, and DisplayPort IP from Bitec.

For more information on the Video Interface Platform from Lattice, please contact Allyanz today.