Micrel Announces New Enhanced 2-Port Ethernet Controller with 8/16-bit host interface – KSZ8852HLEWC

Micrel Enhanced 2-Port Ethernet Controller

The KSZ8852 family from Micrel is an enhanced version of the current KSZ8842 Ethernet Controller family providing the following advantages:

  • Lower power – total <300mW typical
  • EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet) support
  • On-Chip Termination Resistors
  • Smaller package – 64-pin LQFP (10mm x 10mm)
  • Increased traffic throughput
  • Improved ESD >4kV
  • Extended temperature range -40oC to +105oC

Please contact Allyanz today to discuss further details, or organise samples for the new KSZ8842 from Micrel.

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