Most Advanced, Lowest Cost per I/O Programmable Bridging and I/O Expansion Solution

Leveraging 40nm technology, the MachXO3 FPGA family from Lattice Semiconductors delivers a new set of capabilities that enable system engineers to do even more in a smaller footprint.

  • High-Speed SERDES – Support for 3.125Gbps transceivers – making high-bandwidth serial truly affordable
  • Built-in Interfaces – Hard MIPI, PCIe, and GbE IP cores simplify interfacing and bridging
  • High Performance, Lowest Power – 150MHz fabric speed while consuming uW static and mW active power
  • The Industry’s Most Complete MIPI Based Solution – Achieve high bandwidth programmable bridging for consumer applications such as 4Kx2K video, 40MPixel image sensor interfaces
  • Integrated Hard PCIe, and GbE IP – Enables high-speed control interfaces, as well as high-bandwidth data bridges in the lowest power, lowest cost ultra-low density FPGAs
  • Hot-swap I/O – Eliminates system downtime in communication, storage and compute applications by enabling components to be swapped out without taking the rest of the system down
  • On-chip Regulators – Single supply solution that leverages on-chip regulators to simplify design
  • Innovative Packaging – Wirebond, flipchip, and Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging technology leveraged for high I/O count in the right pitch to minimize package size

MachXO3 FPGA are available from Lattice in Automotive, Industrial and Commercial Temperature ranges.

Please contact Allyanz today to discuss further details, including Early Access Program for MachXO3 FPGAs.

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