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32Mb density devices


Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc., a leader in advanced memory solutions, has added 64Mb and 32Mb density devices to their line of Pseudo SRAMs. These new devices add to the previously released 4Mb and 8Mb parts, and give the design engineer a wide range of densities from which to choose to best fit the application’s requirements. These PSRAMs are designed to provide the characteristics and ease of use of an SRAM, but with the improved density and cost reduction associated with using a DRAM.

The 64Mb is organized as 4Mx16 and the 32Mb is 2Mx16. The IS66WVE2M16ALL/BLL and the IS66WVE4M16ALL/BLL are the 1.8V and 3.3V options of the asynchronous solution for this product family. The IS66WVC2M16ALL, IS66WVD2M16ALL, IS66WVC4M16ALL and the IS66WVD4M16ALL are the CRAM 1.5 and CRAM 2.0 options of this product family. As such, this product line provides the designer with a variety of high density, cost effective, low power memory solutions.

In these products, refresh of the DRAM cells is handled internally, eliminating the need for an external refresh controller. Partial Array Refresh (PAR), low standby current and Deep Power Down (DPD) modes of these products makes it ideal for low power applications. The CRAM 1.5 option adds the synchronous / burst interface mode, an on-die temperature sensor for temperature compensated refresh (TCR), fixed latency, and drive strength control for the outputs. In addition to the CRAM 1.5 feature set, CRAM 2.0 adds a multiplexed address and data bus for reduced pin count.

This cost effective, low power, high density memory combined with extended temperature, and options that include the Know Good Die (KGD) format make the product line perfect for wireless, industrial, embedded, and automotive applications.

For more details on these new Pseudo SRAMS from ISSI, please contact us.

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