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Gb-Ethernet/Ethernet switches


72Mb QUAD/QUADP and DDR-II/DDR-IIP are now sampling. This family of high performance SRAM is available in several different options – x18 and x36 density configurations, Burst 2 and Burst 4. QUAD and DDR-II support frequencies up to 400MHz, while QUADP and DDR-IIP support frequencies up to 500MHz. In order to provide more termination options for ease-of-board designs, QUADP and DDR-IIP support the On-Die-Termination (ODT) feature. For high speed applications, a Data Valid Indicator (QVLD) is available for data output capture. The 72Mb QUAD/QUADP and DDR-II/DDR-IIP product offerings support Industrial and Commercial temperature grades. ISSI is committed to long-term product support, including leaded packages. This key differentiator is crucial for applications that require long life cycles of 10 years and beyond.


QUAD/QUADP and DDR-II/DDR-IIP are popular in networking and communications applications such as in Gb-Ethernet/Ethernet switches, routers and line cards.

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