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ISSI Expands Serial Flash offering to Include xSPI Compliant x8 Serial Devices (Octal Flash)

ISSI has expanded its Serial NOR and NAND flash portfolio to include xSPI compliant devices (Octal Flash). The new xSPI, stands for expanded SPI (xSPI), and is an electrical interface standard from the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association.

Products complying with the xSPI standard ensure compatibility of these high-performance x8 serial devices to chipset manufacturers who have designed with this standard.

The IS25LX is a high performance xSPI family designed for operation at 2.5/3V and can reach a read throughput of 266MB/s for instant-on applications.

The IS25WX is a 1.8V family of xSPI devices and increases this performance to 400MB/s.

The IS25WX256 is the first device available from the xSPI family & is a 1.8V 256Mbit x8 wide Serial flash.

For more information or samples of the IS25WX256, please contact Allyanz.