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ISSI Now Sampling 1Gbit & 2Gbit DDR3 DRAM

ISSI is now sampling its 1Gbit 1.5V DDR3 DRAM. Samples of the x16 data width option are now shipping (IS43TR16640A for Commercial and Industrial, or IS46TR16640A for Automotive). Samples of the x8 data width option will begin to ship soon (IS43TR81280A for Commercial and Industrial, or IS46TR81280A for Automotive).


The DDR3 interface is a popular interface for the latest microprocessors, ASICs, and ASPs. One of the advantages with DDR3 over predecessor technologies is the higher throughput: ISSI’s initial samples reach data rates of 1600 MT/s (800 MHz), with plans to support higher data rates in future.

ISSI DDR3 features include:

  • Bidirectional differential data strobe
  • Data masking per byte on Write commands
  • Programmable burst length of 4 or 8
  • Programmable CAS Latency
  • Auto-Refresh and Self-Refresh Modes
  • OCD (Driver Adjustment)
  • ODT (On Die Termination) supported
  • Write Leveling
  • Packages: 96-ball BGA for x16, 78-ball BGA for x8
  • Long-term support

“The expansion of broadband infrastructure in data centers and customer-premise equipment are driving system designers to incorporate DDR3 DRAMs into their products. These applications also have long-life requirements, so ISSI’s commitment to long-term support of the 1Gbit and 2Gbit DDR3 products will be important for our customers in the communications and networking markets,” said Ron Kalakuntla, vice president of marketing at ISSI. Key applications are Automotive multimedia, navigation and clusters, along with the communications market segment, which includes access and aggregation nodes, routers and switches, network storage, optical transport and base stations.

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