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ISSI Now Sampling 8Gb DDR4 DRAM

ISSI is now shipping its new 8Gb DDR4 to customers. 8Gb DDR4, x16 wide is shipping in Commercial, Industrial & Automotive Grade. 8Gb DDR4, x8 wide is scheduled to begin shipping in September.


Speed grades for initial samples are 2400MT/s (-083T) and 2666MT/s (-075V), which is backward compatible with DDR4-2133, and lower speeds. Faster speed grades such as 2933 and 3200 are planned in the next few months.

For more information or samples please contact Allyanz.

Den Org Type Part Number
2G Single Channel (1×16) LPDDR4 IS43LQ16128A
Two Channel (2×16)* LPDDR4 IS43LQ32640A
4G Single Channel (1×16) LPDDR4 IS43LQ16256A
Two channel (2×16) LPDDR4 IS43LQ32128A
8G Two channel (2×16) LPDDR4 IS43LQ32256A
2G Single channel (1×16) LPDDR4X IS43LQ16128AL
Two Channel (2×16)* LPDDR4X IS43LQ32640AL
4G Single Channel (1×16) LPDDR4X IS43LQ16256AL
Two channel (2×16) LPDDR4X IS43LQ32128AL
8G Two channel (2×16) LPDDR4X IS43LQ32256AL