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Lattice iCE40 UltraLite

Lattice iCE40 Ultra / UltraLite / UltraPlus

Size & power matter.
World’s smallest, lowest power, most integrated mobile FPGAs.

Lattice Ice40 Ultra and Ultralite

  • World’s most popular mobile FPGA – The iCE40 family has been designed into multiple generations of high-volume mobile and IoT edge applications, shipping at over 1 Million units per day.
  • Reduce power, without compromising features – Extend battery life, while adding functionality to your designs using a unique, low-power FPGA architecture with integrated DSPs and large blocks of RAM.
  • Free your designs from space constraints – Ultra small 1.4 mm x 1.4 mm x 0.45 mm WLCSP package removes all barriers to innovation and customization. Available in advanced 0.35 mm pitch package.


  • Ranging from 640 LUTs to 5,280 LUTs
  • Key IP for sensor buffering, display driver, IR, barcode, voice, USB Type-C, user ID, and more…
  • Flexible I/Os for signal type and positioning interfaces enable optimized layout, with more distributed heterogeneous processing architecture (DHP) 48 MHz high performance oscillator, 10 KHz low power Oscillator
  • Three 24 mA and one 500 mA current drive outputs used for RGB LEDs or IR LEDs
  • Up to 26 I/Os for customized interfaces
  • Up to 1.1 Mbit of single port RAM
  • Up to 8x DSP blocks to support 16 x 16 Multiply
  • I/O Support for I3X, MIPI D-PHY & more..

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