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LatticeECP3 Delivers Rock Solid SERDES for Low Cost PCIe 2.0 Designs

The LatticeECP3 PCIe Solution is the first and only PCI Express 2.0 compliant low cost FPGA. With rock solid SERDES, an advanced PCI Express IP Core and a full-featured development kit the LatticeECP3 solution is ready to accelerate your next PCIe innovation, with an affordable price tag.


  • With up to 16 channels of low cost, low power SERDES, DSP slices, high-speed DDR3 memory interface capability and efficient FPGA fabric, the LatticeECP3 has all the features required for PCIe applications.
  • The Lattice PCI Express Endpoint IP Core has the advanced features needed to easily integrate PCIe 2.0 functionality with your design. Additionally, the Lattice Scatter Gather DMA IP Core can be used to further optimize transfer bandwidth.
  • The LatticeECP3 Versa Development Kit includes the full-featured evaluation board (with LatticeECP3 FPGA, Flash and DDR3 memory), free Lattice Diamond design environment, reference designs, demonstration systems and complete user documentation.

Visit the “LatticeECP3 PCIe Information Page” to learn how to simplify your low cost PCIe applications, or please contact Allyanz today for more details.

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