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MachXO – Most Versatile Non-Volatile PLD for Low-Density Applications

MachXO - Most Versatile Non-Volatile PLD for Low-Density Applications

The MachXO family of non-volatile infinitely reconfigurable Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs) is designed for applications traditionally implemented using CPLDs or low-density FPGAs. Widely adopted in a broad range of applications that require general purpose I/O expansion, interface bridging and power-up management functions, MachXO PLDs offer the benefits of increased system integration by providing embedded memory, built-in PLLs, high performance LVDS I/O, remote field upgrade (TransFRTM technology) and a low power sleep mode, all in a single-device.

Designed for a broad range of low density applications, the MachXO PLD family is used in a variety of end markets including Automotive, Communications, Consumer, Computing, Industrial and Medical.

For more information on the MachXO family of PLDs, or development tools to support your design requirements, please contact us.

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