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MKP-X2 R series

WIMA RFI Capacitors with High Corona Inception Voltag

WIMA RFI Capacitors with High Corona Inception Voltage

The MKP-X2 R series capacitors from WIMA are suited to demanding AC voltage circuits e.g. where voltage is supplied via a capacitor power supply (the capacitor is switched in series to the load circuit as a low-loss series impedance). Due to their internal series connection the capacitors exhibit about twice as high corona inception voltage, resulting in higher rated AC voltage values than comparable components without this series connection.

WIMA MKP-X2 R capacitors are available with extended capacitance values up to 10 microF and a rated voltage of 400 VAC.

For more details on the MKP-X2 R series of RFI capacitors from WIMA, please contact us.

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