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WIMA RFI Capacitors with High Corona Inception Voltag

WIMA RFI Capacitors with High Corona Inception Voltage

The MKP-X2 R series capacitors from WIMA are suited to demanding AC voltage circuits e.g. where voltage is supplied via a capacitor power supply (the capacitor is switched in series to the load circuit as a low-loss series impedance). Due to their internal series connection the capacitors exhibit about twice as high corona inception voltage, resulting in higher rated AC voltage values than comparable components without this series connection.

WIMA MKP-X2 R capacitors are available with extended capacitance values up to 10 microF and a rated voltage of 400 VAC.

For more details on the MKP-X2 R series of RFI capacitors from WIMA, please contact us.

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Intermediate Circuit Capacitors from WIMA

Intermediate Circuit Capacitors from WIMA
WIMA DC-Link capacitors are ideally suited to high power converter applications where, due to increasing electrical requirements, they are commonly replacing electrolytic capacitors.

Manufactured with a low loss polypropylene dielectric, DC-Link capacitors from WIMA exhibit a higher current carrying capability as well as lower dissipation/self-heating at high frequencies when compared to electrolytic capacitors.

DC-Link capacitors from WIMA offer features that include:   

  • Very high capacitance/volume ratio   
  • High voltage rating per component
  • Very low dissipation factor (ESR)
  • Very high insulation resistance
  • Excellent self-healing properties
  • Long life expectancy
  • Non-polar construction
  • Particularly reliable contact configuration
  • High shock and vibration resistance
  • Outstanding mechanical stability

WIMA DC-LINK MKP 4 capacitors in rectangular case are available with capacitance values ranging from 5 microF through 75 microF, with rated voltages from 450 VDC through 1100 VDC. For mounting purposes 4-lead versions or screwable plate options are available. 

WIMA DC-LINK MKP C capacitors in cylindrical case are available with capacitances from 30 microF through 250 microF, with rated voltages of 400 VDC, 600 VDC and 850 VDC. For mounting purposes axial M6 or M8 threaded terminations are available.

Based on their internal construction and their non-polarized connection configuration, WIMA DC-LINK HC capacitors can as an example, be connected as one 4500 microF/400 VDC, as two 2250 microF/400 VDC or alternatively as one 1125 microF/800 VDC component. Depending on the case size and wiring version, values between 85 microF/1600 VDC and 4500 microF/400 VDC are available. Customized solutions are also supported.

For more details on DC-Link capacitors from WIMA, please contact us.

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WIMA New Super Caps

The new WIMA SuperCaps “C” series is currently available in capacitance’s of 110, 200, 600 and 120 Farad (prototypes up to 10000 F), which completes the existing range of WIMA Double-Layer Capacitors with rectangular casing and beyond.

The WIMA SuperCap C is outstandingly suitable for energy storage applications where high loads need to be discharged and/or charged in a very short time cycle.

To achieve specific operating voltages needed by the application, we offer the flexibility to cascade SuperCaps into Modules.

Unlike conventional energy storage in a battery, the charged energy can be retrieved safely from a SuperCap module without risk of a sudden voltage breakdown.

For more information please contact us.

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