The IS31LT3360 is a simple and a flexible LED driver being used in a wide range of applications that include alarms, pool lighting and flashlights.

This is a versatile new LED driver from ISSI which requires a very low BOM count making it simple to integrate into a variety of applications.

A continuous mode inductive driver available in a space saving SOT89-5 package, the IS31LT3360 integrates the output FET switch and the current sense circuit; requiring only a sense resistor and an external inductor to set the LED output current (up to 1200mA).

The IS31LT3360 is a DC/DC buck converter operating at a 1Mhz switching frequency to efficiently (up to 98%) drive one or more series connected LEDs from a voltage source higher than the LED voltage.

Please contact Allyanz today for more details or evaluation samples of the IS31LT3360.

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