ZamLock Pro 3.1

ZamLock Pro the only secure memory storage device that balances security, usability and cost.

  • 10-key PIN-pad
  • Multiple density options, up to 16GB

Physical Protection Highlights

  • The strengthened anodised aluminium shell is filled with an epoxy potting, providing a damage resistant barrier
  • Designed to meet IP57 rating for dust resistance and waterproof up to 1 meter immersion

Data Protection Highlights 


  • Authentication performed on drive, not computer, makes drive immune to keyboard loggers
  • PIN-pad protection makes drive impervious to computer/Internet based hacking attempts since drive is not mounted until correct PIN is entered
  • Full-disk encryption with on-the-fly 256-bit AES hardware encryption
  • 10 incorrect PIN attempts deletes both the PIN and encryption key, requiring reformat of the drive (drive recoverable, not data)

Usability Highlights

  • Truly platform independent. Use with and across any Operating System with no updates ever required
  • Compatible with any software application (3rd party port management software, virtual desktop, portable applications, etc.) and bootable
  • Dual-PIN capable (administrator & user)

While maintaining the unparallel hardware authentication and encryption standard in all Zamlock drives, the ruggedised Zamlock Pro is designed with the mobile workforce in mind.

Additional physical features make the 10-key Zamlock Pro the go-to storage memory drive for users where data security is critical.

ZamLock Lite 4.1

For more details or pricing regarding ZamLock Secure Flash Drives, please contact us.

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