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ISSI Introduces 512Mb SPI NOR Flash for Automotive & Industrial Markets

AEC-Q100 Qualified, new device extends range of SPI NOR support from 256Kb way up to 512Mb density

Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. (ISSI), a leader in advanced memory and analog solutions, has begun sampling production units of automotive grade 512Mb Serial (SPI) NOR Flash.

ISSI’s SPI NOR Flash product supports a wide operating temperature range of -40C to 125C, making it ideal for the next generation automotive, industrial and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The 512Mb SPI NOR device exceeds the AEC- Q100 requirements and is PPAP ready.


This new device extends our range of SPI NOR support from 256Kb all the way up to 512Mb density.

The 512Mb SPI NOR is available in multiple package choices, along with KGD (known good die):

  • 16-pin SOIC 300mil
  • WSON 8×6 mm
  • 24-ball TFBGA 6x8mm 5×5 package

ISSI is also working on Multi-Chip Package (MCP) options of SPI NOR Flash and its’ DRAM product line.

Lyn Zastrow, VP of the Automotive Business Unit at ISSI explained, “With the proliferation of SPI NOR in almost every automotive application, this new density extends our range into some of the new high-end ADAS, Infotainment, and Digital Cockpit applications. Unlike many of our competitors, we can offer a SPI NOR solution from a very small density to a very large density. We continue to offer a complete portfolio of every technology.”

“ISSI’s automotive grade SPI NOR Flash support applications with harsh environments that rely on long-term reliable system operation over a wide temperature range”, said Anand Bagchi, Director Marketing at ISSI. “The addition of 512Mb SPI NOR Flash enhances our NOR Flash product line and provides our customers the ultra-reliable high-density SPI NOR option they are looking for.”

ISSI’s automotive grade SPI NOR Flash

In addition to the SPI NOR, ISSI offers ISSI offers a multitude of DRAMs including SDR, DDR2, DDR3 and mobile SDR, LPDDR, LPDDR2; a complete line of both asynchronous and synchronous SRAMs with densities from 64Kb to 72Mb; and a broad portfolio of SPI NAND and parallel NAND Flash, including eMMC. ISSI also has a range of Known Good Die (KGD) memories in its portfolio.

Please contact Allyanz today for further details and support on ISSI’s range of SPI Flash, including samples.

Achronix shipping new Speedster22i HD

lattice single chip non volatile latticexp2 fpgas

Speedster(R)22i HD devices from Achronix are the world’s highest-density FPGAs, offering up to 1.7 million effective LUTs and 138 megabits of embedded RAM. Built on Intel’s 22nm 3-D Tri-Gate FinFET process, Speedster22i HD devices are SRAM-based and fully-reconfigurable, and offer a familiar fabric architecture made up of synchronous look-up tables (LUTs), flops, muxes, carry chains, memories and multipliers.


The I/O frame contains dedicated hard IP, configurable I/Os, SerDes, clock generator blocks with phase lock loops (PLLs), and the device configuration logic.

Speedster22i FPGAs contain up to sixty four (64) lanes of 12.75 Gbps SerDes, up to sixteen (16) lanes of 28 Gbps SerDes and up to 996 high-speed general purpose I/Os.

Additional dedicated hard IP includes up to six (6) DDR3 PHY and controllers, up to forty eight (48) 10 gigabit Ethernet controllers, or up to twelve (12) 40 gigabit Ethernet controllers or up to four (4) 100 gigabit Ethernet controllers. There are also are up to four (4) Interlaken controllers and two (2) PCI Express controllers, all available as embedded hard IP which use none of the reconfigurable logic resources and achieve maximum performance without the need for timing closure or optimization.

Please contact Allyanz today to discuss how you can start designing with Speedster22i FPGAs.

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Versatile New DC/DC Buck HBLED Driver from ISSI: IS31LT3360

The IS31LT3360 is a simple and a flexible LED driver being used in a wide range of applications that include alarms, pool lighting and flashlights.

This is a versatile new LED driver from ISSI which requires a very low BOM count making it simple to integrate into a variety of applications.

A continuous mode inductive driver available in a space saving SOT89-5 package, the IS31LT3360 integrates the output FET switch and the current sense circuit; requiring only a sense resistor and an external inductor to set the LED output current (up to 1200mA).

The IS31LT3360 is a DC/DC buck converter operating at a 1Mhz switching frequency to efficiently (up to 98%) drive one or more series connected LEDs from a voltage source higher than the LED voltage.

Please contact Allyanz today for more details or evaluation samples of the IS31LT3360.

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Swissbit now shipping INDUSTRIAL 2GB-8GB DDR3L SO-DIMMs

Swissbit has released new members of its INDUSTRIAL family of DDR3 SODIMMs compatible with the JEDEC DDR3L standard running at 1.35V. DDR3L will allow an up to 15% reduction in power consumption over DDR3.

With the introduction of 3x and 2x nm DRAM technology, the modules are able to run at lower external supply voltage than the standard 1.50V. Foreseeing this evolution, JEDEC as the standardization group for DRAM components has developed a new standard for 1.35V operation called DDR3L (L standing for low voltage). Systems supporting this feature benefit from a reduced supply voltage and decreased power consumption. This lowers the self heating, and thermal margins while increasing system reliability.

Swissbit now offers DDR3L SO-DIMMs and DDR3L SO-UDIMMs (72b SO-DIMMs) with 2GB to 8GB densities, and speed grades up to DDR3L-1600.

The modules are available in both commercial 0oC to +85oC (TCase) and industrial -40oC to +95oC (TCase) temperature grades and with ECC (error correction support) on demand.

Please contact Allyanz today for more details or evaluation samples of the Swissbit DDR3L SO-DIMMs.

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72Mb QUAD/QUADP and DDR-II/DDR-IIP are now sampling. This family of high performance SRAM is available in several different options – x18 and x36 density configurations, Burst 2 and Burst 4. QUAD and DDR-II support frequencies up to 400MHz, while QUADP and DDR-IIP support frequencies up to 500MHz. In order to provide more termination options for ease-of-board designs, QUADP and DDR-IIP support the On-Die-Termination (ODT) feature. For high speed applications, a Data Valid Indicator (QVLD) is available for data output capture. The 72Mb QUAD/QUADP and DDR-II/DDR-IIP product offerings support Industrial and Commercial temperature grades. ISSI is committed to long-term product support, including leaded packages. This key differentiator is crucial for applications that require long life cycles of 10 years and beyond.


QUAD/QUADP and DDR-II/DDR-IIP are popular in networking and communications applications such as in Gb-Ethernet/Ethernet switches, routers and line cards.

Please contact Allyanz today for samples, or support you need for your designs.

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