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Achronix shipping new Speedster22i HD

lattice single chip non volatile latticexp2 fpgas

Speedster(R)22i HD devices from Achronix are the world’s highest-density FPGAs, offering up to 1.7 million effective LUTs and 138 megabits of embedded RAM. Built on Intel’s 22nm 3-D Tri-Gate FinFET process, Speedster22i HD devices are SRAM-based and fully-reconfigurable, and offer a familiar fabric architecture made up of synchronous look-up tables (LUTs), flops, muxes, carry chains, memories and multipliers.


The I/O frame contains dedicated hard IP, configurable I/Os, SerDes, clock generator blocks with phase lock loops (PLLs), and the device configuration logic.

Speedster22i FPGAs contain up to sixty four (64) lanes of 12.75 Gbps SerDes, up to sixteen (16) lanes of 28 Gbps SerDes and up to 996 high-speed general purpose I/Os.

Additional dedicated hard IP includes up to six (6) DDR3 PHY and controllers, up to forty eight (48) 10 gigabit Ethernet controllers, or up to twelve (12) 40 gigabit Ethernet controllers or up to four (4) 100 gigabit Ethernet controllers. There are also are up to four (4) Interlaken controllers and two (2) PCI Express controllers, all available as embedded hard IP which use none of the reconfigurable logic resources and achieve maximum performance without the need for timing closure or optimization.

Please contact Allyanz today to discuss how you can start designing with Speedster22i FPGAs.

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Micrel Introduces 85V Half Bridge MOSFET Drivers

Micrel Introduces 85V Half Bridge MOSFET Drivers with Integrated Bootstrap Diode, Widest Programmable Gate Drive Range

Solution Offers Up To 40 Percent Longer Operating Time Over Existing Devices for Battery Powered Applications

Micrel Inc., industry leader in high-performance Linear and Power solutions, LAN and timing and communications solutions, has released the new MIC4604, a 85V Half Bridge MOSFET driver that features an integrated 85V Bootstrap diode and one of the widest programmable gate drive ranges (5.5V to 16V) in the industry.

These features make the MIC4604 an ideal solution for the industry’s most demanding battery operated motor applications including Communications (HF) Radios, Power tools and Power DC/AC inverters.

Please contact Allyanz today for more details or evaluation samples of the MIC4604.

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Micrel Announces New Enhanced 2-Port Ethernet Controller

Micrel Announces New Enhanced 2-Port Ethernet Controller with 8/16-bit host interface – KSZ8852HLEWC

Micrel Enhanced 2-Port Ethernet Controller

The KSZ8852 family from Micrel is an enhanced version of the current KSZ8842 Ethernet Controller family providing the following advantages:

  • Lower power – total <300mW typical
  • EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet) support
  • On-Chip Termination Resistors
  • Smaller package – 64-pin LQFP (10mm x 10mm)
  • Increased traffic throughput
  • Improved ESD >4kV
  • Extended temperature range -40oC to +105oC

Please contact Allyanz today to discuss further details, or organise samples for the new KSZ8842 from Micrel.

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Micrel – MIC23450/51: Triple Output Synchronous Buck Regulators with HyperLight Load

The MIC23450 and MIC23451 are two triple-output, high-efficiency synchronous buck regulators designed with Micrel’s HyperLight Load technology. The MIC23450 delivers two amps per output and the MIC23451 provides one amp per output. Both regulators operate at 3MHz in PWM mode, which allows the use of tiny, low-cost capacitors and inductors thereby creating one of the smallest, simplest to use triple-buck regulators in the industry.

Design engineers may program each of the three outputs independently to operate from 1.0V to 3.3V using external resistors. The MIC23450/51 support an input voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V making them both ideal for Li-ion/polymer or alkaline/NiCad/NiMH applications, as well as point-of-load (POL) DC-to-DC conversions; an area where maximizing power density and efficiency is paramount.< MIC23450 Triple Output Synchronous Buck Regulators

The MIC23450 is offered in a thermally-enhanced 32-pin 5mm x 5mm thin MLF(R) package and the MIC23451 is offered in small 26-pin 4mm x 4mm MLF option. The MIC23450/51 offer very low quiescent current (23uA/channel) and achieve as high as 81 percent efficiency at load current as low as 1mA with peak efficiency over 93 percent. In addition, the ICs offer three Power Good (PG) output indicators and enable inputs for power sequencing. The solutions all operate at -40oC to +125oC junction temperature range.

Please contact Allyanz today for samples, or support you need for your designs.

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MIC2405x: Family of Integrated FET DC-DC Buck Converters from Micrel

The MIC2405x family is Micrel’s latest-generation SuperSwitcher IITM family of integrated MOSFET buck regulators optimized for the 12V rails, with 6A/9A/12A output supply current. The MIC2405x family comprises of six common-footprint, DC-to-DC buck regulators that leverage Micrel’s proprietary HyperSpeed ControlTM and HyperLight Load(R) architectures.

MIC2405x: Family of Integrated FET DC-DC

The MIC2405x family of devices operates with a single-input supply voltage range from 4.5V to 19V, and delivers output currents of 6A, 9A and 12A respectively, all in small footprint MLF-28, 5mmx 6mm packages. The common footprint shared by all devices in this family enables current scalability to provide design flexibility for power supplies. This family of regulators has been tailored to be Any CapacitorTM stable, independent of the output capacitance Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR), thus solving the perpetual problem of stability that power designers face when dealing with distributed output capacitance. Moreover, these buck regulators provide more than 95 percent peak efficiency and operate at 600kHz switching frequency with ±1 percent of output voltage accuracy (with output adjustable down to 0.8V).

  • Versatile Buck Regulators
  • Small Solution Size and Cost
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Fully Protected
  • Flexible Packaging

The MIC2405x regulators offer a full suite of protection features to ensure protection of the IC during fault conditions.

Please contact Allyanz today for samples, or support you need for your designs.

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