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ISSI Enters Flash Market through Chingis Acquisition

Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. (Nasdaq:ISSI) is now sampling proven NOR Flash memory products as a result of the Company acquiring Chingis Technology Corporation (“Chingis”).

Founded in 1995, Chingis provides a variety of NOR flash memory technologies used in standalone and embedded applications with more than 80 worldwide patents and patents pending.

ISSI Enters Flash Market through Chingis Acquisition

The acquisition of Chingis strengthens ISSI’s specialty memory product portfolio by adding Flash memory to expand the Company’s future growth opportunities. The addition of Flash memory is expected to meet demand for these solutions from many of ISSI’s existing customers.

ISSI intends to leverage its existing infrastructure to increase scale and lower Chingis’ costs, utilize its foundry relationships to grow Chingis’ embedded business and expand the Chingis flash product line based on customers’ needs.

For more details, samples or pricing on this range of SPI NOR Flash from ISSI, ranging in densities from 256Kbit to 128Mbit, please contact Allyanz.

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Micrel Eliminates Dual-Stage Conversion For Point-Of-Load Applications With High-Efficiency, Wide-Input Switching Regulator IC

Newest Member Of SuperSwitcher II(TM) Family Has Micrel’s Hyper Speed Control(TM) Delivering Ultra-Fast Transient Response And Minimizing Output Capacitance While Achieving Highest Power Density

Micrel Inc., (Nasdaq:MCRL), an industry leader in analog, high-bandwidth communications and Ethernet IC solutions, is now supporting volume quantities of the MIC28510, a wide-input synchronous switching regulator IC that provides step-down conversion with:

  • better than 94 percent peak efficiency
  • from an input voltage as high as 75V
  • with maximum output current of 4A.

This solution eliminates the need for a costly dual-stage conversion approach for point-of-load applications. The MIC28510 delivers up to 100W of power in a 13cm2 device – a new standard for power density.

Benefiting from Micrel’s proprietary adaptive on-time control architecture, the MIC28510 provides ultra-fast transient response for today’s demanding applications such as base stations, Power-over-Ethernet, home security systems and solar inverters. The MIC28510 integrates features like:

  • low-Rds(on),
  • high-side and low-side power switches (to provide a highly efficient output down to 0.8V
  • a programmable switching frequency of up to 500 kHz
  • an enable pin for very low power shutdown
  • internal soft start
  • under-voltage lockout and internal compensation

Micrel Inc MIC28510

The MIC28510 is also Any Capacitor stable independent of output ESR, thus solving the stability problem power supply designers face with distributed output capacitance.

The device also provides a host of protection features such as:

  • pre-bias safe start-up
  • over temperature protection
  • fold-back current limit
  • short circuit protection
  • a -40-deg C to 125-deg C junction temperature range.

The MIC28510 is available in a lead free 28-Lead 5mm x 6mm MLF(R) package.

For more information, including pricing or availability on the MIC28510 , please contact Allyanz.

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LATTICE MachXO2 PLD Family Sets New Standards For Low Cost, Low Power Designs

— Over 100X Power Reduction, Up to 30% Lower Cost,
Highlight New Benefits for Low-density PLD Designers —


Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC) has unveiled its new MachXO2TM PLD family, which offers designers of low-density PLDs an unprecedented mix of low cost, low power and high system integration in a single device. Built on a low power 65-nm process featuring embedded Flash technology, theMachXO2 family delivers a 3X increase in logic density, a 10X increase in embedded memory, more than a 100X reduction in static power and up to 30% lower cost compared to the MachXOTM PLD family.  In addition, several popular functions used in low-density PLD applications, such as User Flash Memory (UFM), I2C, SPI and timer/counter, have been hardened into the MachXO2 devices, providing designers a “Do-it-All-PLD” for high volume, cost sensitive designs.

“Through the use of 65-nm embedded Flash technology, we have reduced costs and increased functionality for our traditional customers in the computing, industrial and telecommunication infrastructure markets, while dramatically reducing power consumption for designers of consumer equipment,” said Gordon Hands, Director of Marketing for Low Density and Mixed Signal Solutions. “Many early access customers are already evaluating and designing with MachXO2 devices in a broad range of applications.”


MachXO2 Block Diagram

Three Product Options For Maximum Flexibility

The MachXO2 family offers three options for maximum flexibility. MachXO2 ZE devices range from 256 to 7K look-up tables (LUTs), operate off a nominal 1.2V power supply, and support system performance up to 60MHz. With power specified as low as 19uW and packages as small as 2.5mmx2.5mm, the MachXO2 ZE devices are optimized for cost-sensitive, low power consumer design applications such as smart phones, GPS devices and PDAs.


MachXO2 HC devices range from 256 to 7K LUTs, operate off a nominal 3.3V or 2.5V power supply, and support system performance up to 150MHz. Offering up to 335 user I/O and a robust design solution (instant-on, non-volatile, input hysteresis and single-chip), these devices are ideal for control applications in end markets such as telecommunications infrastructure, computing, industrial and medical equipment.

MachXO2 HE devices range from 2K to 7K LUTs, operate off a nominal 1.2V power supply and support system performance up to 150MHz. These devices are optimized for power sensitive system applications.


Free Design Tools and Free Reference Designs Accelerate Development Time

Customers can start designing with MachXO2 devices today using Lattice DiamondTM v1.1 software, which can be downloaded for free from the Lattice website at

Existing ispLEVERR software users have the option to use the free ispLEVER v8.1 SP1 Starter software, downloadable from the Lattice web site, with an installed control pack. Visit

In order to enable quick and efficient design and deployment of commonly used functions in system and consumer applications, more than 20 reference designs using MachXO2 devices can be downloaded for free from the Lattice website at

For more information, including pricing or availability on devices from the new MachXO2TM PLD family, please contact us.

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ZamLock Pro Secure Flash Drive for rugged Industrial and Military Applications

ZamLock Pro 3.1

ZamLock Pro the only secure memory storage device that balances security, usability and cost.

  • 10-key PIN-pad
  • Multiple density options, up to 16GB

Physical Protection Highlights

  • The strengthened anodised aluminium shell is filled with an epoxy potting, providing a damage resistant barrier
  • Designed to meet IP57 rating for dust resistance and waterproof up to 1 meter immersion

Data Protection Highlights 


  • Authentication performed on drive, not computer, makes drive immune to keyboard loggers
  • PIN-pad protection makes drive impervious to computer/Internet based hacking attempts since drive is not mounted until correct PIN is entered
  • Full-disk encryption with on-the-fly 256-bit AES hardware encryption
  • 10 incorrect PIN attempts deletes both the PIN and encryption key, requiring reformat of the drive (drive recoverable, not data)

Usability Highlights

  • Truly platform independent. Use with and across any Operating System with no updates ever required
  • Compatible with any software application (3rd party port management software, virtual desktop, portable applications, etc.) and bootable
  • Dual-PIN capable (administrator & user)

While maintaining the unparallel hardware authentication and encryption standard in all Zamlock drives, the ruggedised Zamlock Pro is designed with the mobile workforce in mind.

Additional physical features make the 10-key Zamlock Pro the go-to storage memory drive for users where data security is critical.

ZamLock Lite 4.1

For more details or pricing regarding ZamLock Secure Flash Drives, please contact us.

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Platform Manager From Lattice Transforms Board Power & Digital Management

Lattice Platform Manager

Programmable Devices Reduce Cost Up to 50%; Cut Weeks From Design Time; Monitor Power Supplies with 0.7% Accuracy

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC) has announced its third-generation mixed-signal devices, the Platform Managerâ„¢ family. The programmable Platform Manager devices are expected to simplify board management design significantly by integrating programmable analog and logic to support many common functions, such as power management, digital housekeeping and glue logic. By integrating these support functions, Platform Manager devices can not only reduce the cost of these functions compared to traditional approaches, but also can improve system reliability and provide a high degree of design flexibility that minimizes the risk of circuit board re-spins.

Lattice Platform Manager

About the Platform Manager Family

The Platform Manager product family consists of two devices, the LPTM10-1247 and LPTM10-12107. The LPTM10-1247 device can monitor 12 voltage rails and supports 47 digital I/O, while the LPTM10-12107 monitors up to 12 voltage rails and supports 107 digital I/O. Functionally, these devices include both a power management section and a digital board management section. The power management section consists of a programmable threshold, precision differential input comparator block with an accuracy of 0.7%, a 48-macrocell CPLD, programmable hardware timers, a10-bit analog to digital converter and a trim block for the trimming and margining of supplies. The digital board management section consists of a 640-LUT FPGA and programmable logic interface I/O.

For more details on the very popular Platform Manager devices from Lattice, please contact us.

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